Loving Libraries – Why Using Your Public Library Should Be Habit-Forming

There are public library users of all levels: avid, frequent, sporadic, and absent. This article is for those who forget to use their local library system or don’t even have a library card. It is especially for those who have children or who want to be or are in business.

Public libraries are a treasure trove of free, already paid for, information and entertainment services. Here are some benefits that hopefully will rouse you to visit your public library to get a card if you don’t have one and to remember to use it. At a public library you can find:

1. Information on most any subject. If your library doesn’t have the book or material you need, it can bring it in for you from another library in the same system, or it may participate in a broader lending system.

2. Entertainment in the form of music CDs, cassettes, and movie DVDs. Recorded books make travel fly by, especially long driving trips.

3. Children’s entertainment and preparation for school learning through regular story time sessions and other special events provided for young children. These are especially valuable before and during the preschool years.

4. Motivating reading and writing programs for young people and adults. Book clubs/discussion groups, contests, and personal reading challenges (quantity and variety) occur throughout the year.

5. Special classes on a wide array of topics for business learning or personal growth in areas of special interests.

6. Resource librarians who can help search out the answers to your questions-your own personal advisers.

7. Meeting rooms for start-up businesses or for any need to meet with others to study or share information.

8. Materials to boost your career or business knowledge. How-to books can save real dollars over purchasing the advice and save time in not having to figure something out the hard way-on your own. A self-help book helped me prepare a case for small claims court. I felt completely organized and ready to present my case to the magistrate, and I won. The other party was unprepared and very weak.

9. Displays of artwork, historical pieces, and other subjects of interest.

10. A setting where manners and comfortable protocol still reign. In our chaotic world, libraries are still places of calm and respite. Librarians share knowledge freely and kindly.

Add words like free, no-charge, or complimentary to each of these ten items, and you will quickly see how much money you can save on an on-going basis by using this service you are entitled to use.

Libraries are gifts we give ourselves and our children. Libraries are community assets that give tirelessly for a small amount of tax money. Resolve to take your children and yourself much more often to your local library. If you have never been, go this week. Start and maintain a habit that will contribute to your well-being and nurture the foundation of the children you love.