The Educational Benefits of the Public Library

As you’re probably aware, the Internet is a huge source of information. More and more items are being posted on the Internet every day for anyone to access. That means that people are starting to neglect some of the traditional methods of research, like visiting the public library. That’s a real shame, since there are so many benefits to having a library in town.

One thing that’s great about the public library is that you can find books there that are out of print. In fact, there can be books in some libraries that are incredibly old. Those are usually housed in a special area where people can go in and look at the book, but not remove it from the library. The information contained in such books is usually not on the Internet.

Another great thing about the public library is that it will usually hold events, like story hours for kids or adult reading classes. So, if you know a child or an adult who would benefit from such workshops, visit your local library or call them for a schedule of events.

Taking your children to the library is also a great way to teach them about information stored in other ways, such as old newspaper clippings, projector slides and microfiche. So, if you want to spend a fun and educational day, help your kids get to know your library. It’s sure to be an eye-opening experience for everyone involved. Also, remember to support your local library by donating books that you no longer need.

Public Relations is a Discipline of Depth

Most of us prefer to place our trusted business affairs, such as strategic outreach through public and media relations, in the hands of experienced practitioners. Whether with our attorney or IT vendor, our airline pilot or our accountant, we value experience when the job is complex and the outcome critical to our success.

This same principle applies to the selection of a public relations and marketing adviser. Effective public relations does not happen by gravitational pull; rather, it is the outcome of incisive strategy skillfully executed, managed and measured. It can be taught in school – but it is learned only through experience.

Public relations is commonly mistaken as the domain of generalists. At many firms, “paint by number” strategy drives “fill in the blank” planning to create “cookie cutter” campaigns. Although cookie cutters can rapidly create dozens of identical cookies, they rarely leave a distinct impression. They certainly cannot convey a firm’s unique value proposition.

Contrary to popular misconception, public relations with an impact is the discipline of depth. In today’s business world, successful practitioners are those who can step outside the box of traditional agency practice, and embrace the communications trends that are working today. Communication is no longer an arena in which businesses dictate their messages to consumers. Consumers, with multiple communications channels available to them, now have the power and the desire to form their own opinions based on a survey of the information available to them.

Indeed, media consumers now have the power to create their own messaging and counteract corporate messaging that they feel is inaccurate. This is a Web 2.0 world, which is being increasingly and consistently defined by consumers. Businesses who are not agile and able to modify their messaging and tactics to utilize and work with this trend will quickly become irrelevant to their markets and unable to expand their reach by targeting new market sectors available through emerging communications channels.

As such, effective public relations practitioners must be knowledgeable not only of their clients’ business models and areas of expertise, but also in target market behaviors with regards to media consumption. Practitioners must be able to utilize innovative, multi channel strategies to deliver messages to consumers with messages they will understand and through their media of choice.
Public relations professionals must develop the ability to integrate and consolidate all communications channels to reach target audiences, and understand the synergies that exist between all communication media. They must combine traditional marketing and communication experience with new technology and market research to create outreach strategies that are effective, relevant and cutting-edge.

This principle is demonstrably true in specialized, niche industry practices, including technology public relations, financial public relations and mortgage technology public relations, to name a few. Although clients in these industries retain a deep understanding of current technologies as means to solve specific problems, they often do not have the knowledge to utilize technology in a way that produces effective marketing and clear communications with their target audiences. In realms such as these, savvy communications experts who are independent of traditional agency “cookie-cutter” approaches and organizational restrictions can make a significant impact on behalf of their clients.

The Internet is truly the realm of small businesses and innovative solutions. Big box providers depend on their existing brand recognition and market penetration to do their marketing for them, leaving a huge vacuum of potential for smaller business seeking a competitive advantage. Smart public relations practitioners who understand how to utilize the Internet to support an overall integrated communications and marketing strategy will be poised for rapid success by connecting their clients to relevant messages through emerging media channels.

Public relations is a discipline of depth. All a savvy practitioner needs to succeed is an innovative approach and a depth of mind.

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The Free Public Library!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The public library is free, and believe it or not, it’s not even guarded! That’s right ladies and gentlemen of all ages and all shapes and sizes! You can just walk right into that incredibly valuable building and just take whatever priceless knowledge you want without even paying for it! Yup! You can just take it! You don’t even have to wait for the drawbridge to drop to storm this castle! Just rush inside like a knight in shining armor and take whatever books and whatever knowledge that you want!

It’s so amazing that I’m going to have to say it again! The public library is free, and it will give you an incredibly valuable education, as well as anything else your little heart may desire. You can actually walk in there and spend as much time as you want, and then walk out as a higher quality person. Can you believe that?

I feel so lucky to have known about our free public library system for the last twenty-five-years. And during that time I have never stopped sipping from the fountain of knowledge and potential power that has been made so easily available to all of us. And come to think of it now, I can’t see myself ever stopping the winning habit of sucking up everything I can from this country’s library system.

Hmm… Imagine another twenty-five-years of this country’s public library system feeding my brain and quenching my thirst for knowledge and potential power. Wow! Now I’m imagining fifty more years of feeding my brain and quenching my thirst… It’s mind-boggling, wouldn’t you agree? Nothing is impossible with sustained effort over time in a library.

How could any one of us not take advantage of how easy the public library system has made it to be a lifelong learner? Just look at all that information floating in the middle of all of those neatly stacked aisles of books!

Now teens and even tweens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember, the public library is free and it will give you an incredibly valuable education. But this will only happen if you stop sitting on your hands and get up and get your feet moving toward your public library; and don’t forget your library card! And once again, thanks for all that you do, and all that you will do…