The Internet Resembles A Public Library

The Internet was first created back in 1960s and was designed to help with the military communication and also with research. Among the few people who were actually allowed to use the Internet were the librarians, the scientists and the engineers. However, today things have changed radically as all of us can use the Internet without any worries. All we need is a computer and an Internet connection.

The amount of information that can be found online can sometimes be overwhelming. From facts about nature, to science and fashion there is absolutely nothing that you cannot find out from the online environment. The resemblance with a public library is obvious as in our days you are able to write a paper only by gathering all your information from the online environment. There is also a wide space where you can find out all the resources that you need: the Internet public library. The work for the library actually started back in 1995 and in just three months it was “open to the public”.

The library is actually a free website that is run by students at Drexel University. The origins of the Internet public library started at the University of Michigan. This library is created by and for the Internet community and it functions like any other website that has public access. You have sections like Teens, Newspapers and so on. We can say that the Internet Public Library is very popular as it receives about 10.000 hits per day.

There are several main services that make the library the place to go to if you have to write an essay or a paper. A user also has the chance to ask questions to a librarian located anywhere around the world. This is a very good way of finding out the exact information you need from a specialist. There is also a Reading room where people can browse through thousands of titles and authors in order to find what they are looking for.

But besides this specialized place where you can search for the information that you need there are also some other great sites that allow you to download the books that you want to read. You can either do this at your PC or from your laptop. With the help of the Internet we will be able to stop cutting trees and make books available for more and more people. As you can clearly see, the Internet can be compared with a public library for good reason so why don’t you start looking for the next book you want to read?